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This week’s post is slightly different, but in a great way… It’s a collaboration! A few months ago I saw a tweet from a fellow blogger, the lovely Kate from Bargain Beauty Hub, who was looking for someone to do a box swap based on travel sized products and it definitely caught my eye. Each day, I see tonnes of blog posts about peoples favourite health and beauty products, but what about when you go travelling, what do you use then? When you’re limited to how much weight you can take, travel sized items come in so handy! You can have your favourite products to hand while away from home without the hassle of carting around a bag of full sized products.

We settled on a budget of £10 each, and by using each others blog/social media, set out to find a selection of travel sized products that we thought the other person would like. We also shared our plans for this summer to give some more inspiration – with Kate going to Spain and me going interrailing around Europe, we definitely had some more factors to bare in mind. For Kate, I focussed on finding products that would allow her to stay glamorous while away and chose something for everything – hair, face, lips, body, hands and feet! You can check out the products and read Kate’s blog post here.


In my box, I received a selection of 6 different products, and it’s safe to say I am chuffed with all of them! Kate absolutely smashed the objective of finding products that would work for my Interrail trip, and I’ll definitely be making room for each one of them in my rucksack. I was so surprised when shopping for Kate’s products and when receiving my box about the amount of good quality, branded and useful travel sized items that you could get for the small budget of £10.

Thank you Kate for thinking of such a brilliant box swap idea, I would 100% recommend the idea to any other lifestyle/travel bloggers looking to do something similar.

You can find Kate here:

Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 20.50.27



Twitter – @bargainbeautyhb

Instagram – @bargainbeautyhub


See you on the flip side,

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