Interrail Part 5: Get Your Money’s Worth


Welcome back once again to my Interrail Blog Series, can you believe we are on Part 5? If you’ve not visited this series before, feel free to take a look at my introduction to have an overview of the series and the topics that I’ll be covering across it. There isn’t much time left now until we go on the trip and everything is starting to feel so bloody real – I am so excited! We have booked and paid for our Interrail passes, flights, seat reservations, accommodation and a few other little bits (clothes, our rucksacks, toiletries etc).

Now that I have written about everything that you will need to book in order to have a stress-free trip, I wanted to cover the least exciting part of the process… the fact that it doesn’t come free! This post will be about money, budgeting and how to make it go further whilst you are away (fun fact: I wanted to name this post ‘B*tch Better Have My Euro’ but went for the tame title instead, lol). The reason that I’ve done this post after the others rather than before is so that you’ve got a real idea as to what you would be spending the money on, to make the picture a bit clearer. If I did a post listing off all of the things you’ll need to pay for, it would probably suck the fun out of the idea before you’d even began thinking about it.


You’re probably wanting a round figure to begin with so without further ado, enter the mathematics…

  • £304 – Interrail pass for 10 travel days within 2 months
  • £100 – Flights from London > Paris and Venice > London
  • £87 – Seat reservations for all trains
  • £644 – Air BnB’s
  • £60 – Mountain Warehouse 60L + 20L rucksack
  • £1,000 – Spending money
  • £50 – Some new clothes, toiletries, extra little bits

*drum roll*

TOTAL  = £2,245

This is the total that we will have spent based on what we have planned, it may increase or decrease slightly if we spend more/less while we are away but £1000 on spending money is what we are aiming for. So that you can judge whether or not you should aim for the same budget, you need to know the types of things we have planned and how well we plan to treat ourselves.

  • We tried to choose the cheapest flights but went for the second cheapest as the times suited our trip better, they were only a fraction more expensive.
  • We have bought seat reservations for all of the trains we will be taking, rather than only choosing trains which had optional reservations as again, these suited our trip better and would allow us to arrive in the next country at an appropriate hour. It also means we’re guaranteed a seat on each train and won’t risk getting a numb bum while sitting on the floor!
  • We are staying in Air BnB’s for the entire trip which is not necessarily the cheapest option but it suited the way we wanted to live – comfortable, clean, spacious, central and with our own bathroom!
  • We both bought the same Mountain Warehouse 60L + 20L rucksack, it was half price at £60 rather than £120 so always keep an eye out for sales! I’ll be doing another blog post all about packing for the next post in the series.
  • We have planned to take £1000 spending money, averaging at £32 per day. Some days we will spend more, some days less depending on what we have planned. We plan to eat the local cuisine for the majority of the time, but might cook breakfast in our Air BnB on some occasions. A lot of Air BnB’s/hostels have some form of cooking facility so this is a great way to cut the costs down (tip: If you do plan to eat out, never stop at the first place you see! City prices are known for being expensive but check out smaller side streets away from the hustle and bustle to get some great local food at a great price)


In terms of your spending money, depending on where you plan to visit on your trip you may need several different currencies. You could take this in cash, but walking around with up to £1000 on you doesn’t really scream ‘sensible’. My best advice is to take a money card which you can upload money to, withdraw at ATM’s, pay with in shops/restaurants etc. There are so many different money cards you can take, I’d recommend looking at a comparison site to see which one is best for you and the way you want to manage your money. We have gone for a Loot card, a card which comes with an app to allow you to track your spending and upload more funds if needed. It’s perfect for our trip as you can use it in multiple countries, and the app will show you the cost in pounds and in the local currency. The card is also pretty much free from any fee’s and that’s something we all love.

If you want to keep the costs low while on your trip but still want to stay busy and explore the location, here are some tips:

  • Choose free activities! In European cities there are walking tours, museums, galleries etc that all offer free entry – take advantage of this.
  • For those things that do cost, check online to see if booking in advance gets you a cheaper ticket or check with your hostel/Air BnB host to see if they have any discounts available.
  • Some places offer discounted tickets for those who are students, disabled, senior citizens etc so take proof of your eligibility for these on your trip if they apply.
  • Travel throughout the city using public transport or, ride a bike! You can rent them at locations across many cities and by travelling this way, you also take in so much more of the scenery.

That’s the end of this post, hopefully it’s shown what kind of budget you need for a 4 week Interrail trip and given some tips on how to save yourself some money, honey.

See you on the flip side,

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