Our Valentines Weekend

I thought I’d do quite a cute post this week seeings as it was recently Valentines Day (or at least it was when I planned this post) and it was a pretty special occasion as it was mine and Leona’s first Valentines Day together. Well, I say Valentines ‘Day’, we didn’t actually see each other until the 15th as we live around 170 miles apart so had to wait until the weekend to be able to celebrate – ah, the joys of a long distance relationship!

Leona spent the weekend at mine as my parents had gone away to London for the weekend and were spending Valentines having a meal at The Shard (which makes the 3 course meal that I cooked for Leona sound pretty shoddy). On Friday night we stuck to our tradition of a Chinese takeaway, we were both tired after being at work all day and Leona had just endured the painful 3 hour drive (90 miles on the A1 isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun) so we decided to have a nice chilled one with our takeaway, then watching Netflix with popcorn and exchanging presents. I’d bought Leona a candle, a bottle of sparkly gin, some funny lollipops (one said ‘you’ll do’, the other said something unsuitable for the internet…), as well as a massive teddy which she proceeded to name Valentino (I wonder why).


She’d bought me a lovely photo frame with scrabble type letters that says ‘happy times’ with 2 of my favourite photos of us, as well as a photo album which says ‘let the adventure begin’ on top of a background of the world map – perfect for collating all of the photos from our Interrail trip once we return! I absolutely love my presents but we didn’t go mad on spending as neither of us are very materialistic, we prefer each others company and are both saving for travelling/moving in together. We did say that we’d have a £10 budget which Leona nearly stuck to and that I totally ignored – when I see things that I know she will like, it’s so hard not to buy them!

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 20.11.05.png


Saturday night was the day we decided to celebrate properly as we had the full day to do as we wished. The morning we had was nice and relaxing – watching some TV, having a spot of lunch, mooching around town and doing a bit of shopping. Once we got back home, the mission started for me to prepare and cook the 3 course meal that I had been promising (Leona had high hopes, mine were not so high – although I am a pretty good cook). I’d set the table and decorated it with rose petals, heart shaped tea-lights, candles and heart shaped napkins (they were all half price as it was the day after Valentines, winner!).

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 20.25.27.png

The first course was baked Camembert with warm bread, the main was chicken and pancetta carbonara with garlic bread and the dessert was Belgian chocolate melt-in-the-middle pudding with chocolate covered strawberries (which we shared, we didn’t have one each like it looks on the photos!). It was all homemade (apart from the starter, I can’t make cheese… or bread… I’m not that good), but it went down a storm. We were drinking the gin that I’d bought Leona and paired with lemonade, it tasted exactly like pink lemonade- and that’s why gin is dangerous, one second you’re drinking it like juice, the next you’re on the floor.. Oops.

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 19.58.19.png

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 19.58.53.png


On Sunday we had planned a lay in but my puppy had other ideas, she woke us up bright and early, jumping on the bed and burying us with her toys… Bailey does not understand that 8am isn’t the time for playing! We had another chill day planned as it was our last day together, we stayed in our pj’s all day, ate a load of snacks, played Xbox in bed and got an Indian takeaway – it was the chill day to beat all other chill days.

Thanks for reading all about our weekend, hopefully I didn’t cringe you out too much – I tried to keep the soppy stuff to a minimum!

See you on the flip side,

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