My Interrail Blog Series


I’m back again and this time, with the start of a new blogging series based all around interrailing! This series will be slightly different to other interrail/travel series as I’m going to be blogging whilst going through the process of planning and the lead up to the trip, rather than blogging about it after the trip has ended. I wanted to do this because it will make my blogs and the advice I give as realistic and detailed as possible, as well as being able to address the problems I face as they happen and give an up to date run down of what’s going on (also because I’d probably forget to mention a bunch of important things if I was to leave it until the end of the trip).

The series will consist of blogs about route planning, budgeting, choosing your Interrail pass, seat reservations, choosing what to pack and basically everything else that I can think of that is related to Interrail. Then, once I’m back, I’ll do a blog for each of the locations we’ve visited!


The blogs themselves will give advice on all aspects of planning, the tips that I’ve picked up along the way and the steps that I’ve followed to organise the trip so far. Please bare in mind that every trip will be different and individual to the person who’s going so although the aim is for the blogs in this series to be used to help you plan, you can definitely still divert from the steps I’ve used and try your own thing!

I wanted to create this introduction before going straight into the first post to give you a bit of background about who I’m going with, why we’ve decided to go and when, so – I’m going interrailing with my girlfriend Leona, for 4 weeks in early summer 2019. We’ve decided to go as in September 2019, we are both going back to university for postgraduate education and heading into our careers. We thought that if we don’t do some travelling now, then we aren’t sure when our next chance will be and as such, got straight into planning.Β I’m not going to go into too much detail about our locations at this point, however, we are visiting 10 different countries in the 4 weeks! Keep an eye out for the next blog post about choosing your time scale and tips on route planning, as well as the reveal of which countries we’re visiting.












See you on the flip side,

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12 thoughts on “My Interrail Blog Series

  1. Love this! A few months ago I travelled for two weeks with a train from the Netherlands, through Belgium all the way to the south of France. It was the first time I used Interrail. But, I loved i t so much, I’m definitely going to use it more πŸ™‚

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