Twenty-Eighteen: A Recap

We’re just about a week into 2019 now, and with that in mind, I thought I’d do a round-up of what my 2018 was all about. Thinking about it, so much more has happened over the last year than I had thought and I hope 2019 will follow in the same way as I’ve got some very exciting things planned which I’m sure you’ll hear about in the coming weeks. So, without further ado..

(Enjoy the many, many photos below, I couldn’t pick just one photo for each month and after all, this is a recap of 2018!)

February: The first notable event of 2018 – competing for the final time with my university dance team. The competitions we entered were Nottingham, Manchester and Liverpool and in line with the previous 2 years, we had an amazing season especially with winning Best Team Spirit at 2 competitions (and knowing we were robbed of it at the third…). Watching my team that I taught perform the routine that I choreographed as well as performing within the advanced team was bittersweet as it was my final year but all the better at the same time. I miss it like crazy but will be going to watch everyone at this years competitions!

img_3287 2



March: More dance related content, it’ll be over soon (maybe). We then held our annual charity showcase, raising money for both Mind and Oracle Cancer Trust. The second charity, Oracle, is a neck and head cancer charity and one that I chose in memory of my Grandpa, who sadly passed away in 2015 from a rare form of brain tumour/head cancer. As a result of this dance showcase, we raised in excess of £1,400!



April: I found out that I was going to be an Auntie to a lovely little niece! I went with my brother, his girlfriend and our families to a private scan to reveal the sex of the baby, and considering she was just a blob on the screen at this point, it was pretty emotional. She was then born in September, so hold on for that month to see some adorable baby pictures. April was also the month of Sports Ball, the biggest night of the year for all sports clubs at the university. I was nominated for, and won, the Club Rose award – an award for those who have shown outstanding commitment to their sport and club!






May: After many agonising months of writing, proof reading and re-writing I submitted my BSc dissertation! Leona also lived with me for the duration of this month until the start of June before we both left university and we had the best time, so I can’t wait for us to live together again in our flat in September 2019.

img_0246 2



July: Clearly nothing happened in June that was worth writing home about, however July definitely makes up for that. The month that I got my lovely cockapoo puppy Bailey, I celebrated my 21st birthday, I graduated from university with a BSc Honours degree, had a huge graduation party and began my first graduate, salary job! A very happy and successful month I’d say.


img_1148 2




August: I passed my driving test, got my first car and took Leona to London for the weekend to celebrate her birthday, surprising her by asking her to be my girlfriend whilst in the Shangri-La cocktail bar in The Shard (it was pretty smooth, if I do say so myself). We had a top class weekend, which I won’t explain in detail as you can read all about it over in my other blog post. We also went to Leeds Festival at the end of the month and saw a lot of our favourite artists, the best being either Post Malone, Sum 41 or  Fall Out Boy.

img_2194 2

screenshot 2019-01-06 at 18.21.12


screenshot 2019-01-06 at 18.21.28


September: I began this blog! It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 months already, it feels like it was only a month or so (the minimal amount of posts thus far probably also shows that I feel that too). I’ve been super busy since beginning it with my future plans (which as I said, you’ll hear all about soon) so it’s been tricky posting as regularly as I would like but here I am. As mentioned before, my niece was born in this month! On the 13th September at 11:02am to be precise, she weighed a healthy 6lb. 1oz and was named Everly Rae Leuty-Smith (carrying on the double-barrelled surname tradition, I like it). She is now 5 months old and is the most beautiful little baba as I’m sure you will agree based on the photos below.




October: I met my girlfriend’s family and stayed at her house for the first time, this was a pretty big thing as I am her first girlfriend since she came out to her parents but I get on with them so well and her family all love me (she also has a cute dog, can’t go wrong). October is one of my favourite months of the year because it’s Halloween! I dressed up as a ‘cereal killer’ at work and won best costume, and went to a party with Leona dressed up as some zip-faced, blood covered, surgeon-type people. Cool, right?



November: I went back to uni for a night out with all my pals and had the best time, it was so good to be back in the place that I had lived in for 3 years and another visit is definitely overdue! Although I will be seeing my pals again in a couple of weeks time as we are going to Edinburgh for the weekend, mega excited.


December: Leona and I went to Newcastle for a weekend of shopping and Christmas Markets! It was so nice to get in the festive mood in the lead up to Christmas and again, you can read all about it here. I also celebrated an amazing festive period with all of my family and Leona, eating, drinking and being very merry before heading to London for New Years Eve, going on a bar crawl and watching the fireworks from Primrose Hill.

img_2496 2


screenshot 2019-01-06 at 19.58.36

So there we go, a recap of my 2018. It has actually been one of the best years I’ve had to date and without sounding too cliche, it’s been a year of making some great decisions in terms of what is best for myself and putting some not so great things behind me which I am all the better for. I hope you all had a successful year and if it wasn’t quite that way, we’re now at the start of a brand new year for you to make your own. Be you, be happy, be strong, be inspired, look after yourself and others and make some wicked memories.

See you on the flip side,

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